NMBF History

Senior Pastor J. Lee Slater and First Lady Donna Slater organized New Millennium Bible Fellowship. NMBF started January, 2001 with 11 core partners (5 adults: Sr. Pastor J. Lee Slater, 1st Lady Donna Slater, Assistant Pastor Clifford W. Mitchell, Lady Bridget Mitchell, Sis Pat Thompson; two teens: Valerie Slater and Brandon Watts and four children: Joshua Slater, Travis Slater, Matthew Slater and Clifford Mitchell Jr. (C.J)).

    • Saturday January 6, 2001, keys were received, clean up began, and we moved in and had our 1st worship service on Sunday, January 7, 2001.
    • Our first baptism took place on February 4, 2001.
    • Purchased new 2001 18 passenger van.
    • One year later 54 families had united and partnered with NMBF. The body grew to a blessed 127.